Wild Ramp & Bittercress Pesto

2 Bunches Of wild ramp leaves
2 Bunches of bittercress leaves
1 Cup of roasted pepita seeds (hulled Pumpkin Seeds)
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
Squeeze of Lemon
salt & pepper to taste

Method: My Pesto is very simple and Vegan. It also appeals to people who have tree nut allergies. I’ve always felt I can add the other additional ingredients for the recipe I’m making at the time. In a food Processor add all the greens and pepitas – do a basic rough chop blend to break the ingredients down. Then slowly start adding the olive oil and lemon with the processor on high. Scrapping down the sides occasionally to get the big chunks. Pour into a bowl and season with salt & pepper to taste. Remember from the earlier calendar that Bittercress has a lovely natural nut flavor but also undertones of pepper. The pepitas add additional nut flavor but also a chunky texture. I will make this pesto in quantity and freeze significant amounts in portioned containers, so I can enjoy all year long.

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